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Senaka Amarakeerthi
BSc Hons (SUSL, Sri Lanka), MSc (PDN, Sri Lanka), PhD (Aizu, Japan)
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Faculty of Technology
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Sri Lanka


E-mail:               senakahks(at)
Voice (land line): [+94](45)2280285
Voice (mobile):    [+94](71)2043212


 Department of Information and Communication Technology
 Faculty of Technology

Curriculum Vitae:

Research Interests:
Brain-Computer Interface
Voice-based Emotion Recognition
Collaborative Virtual Environments
Virtual Reality

Courses Taught:

ICT 21301 - Object Oriented Programming

PST 31215 - Data Communication and Computer Networks
PST 21205 - Computer Hardware
PST 22205 - Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
PST 32120 - Multimedia and Hypermedia System Development
IS 22220 - System Administration and Maintenance
IS 21218 - Information Assurance and Security

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